We sincerely appreciate your interest in our company and it is our pleasure to offer you a great variety of high quality telecommunication services at your location.

INTERCONNECT s.r.o is an established regional provider of telecommunication services and the Internet. We specialize on implementing Internet connection solutions, voice over internet protocol telephony solutions, full service IT management and hosting. All these services are available for all our customers – it doesn’t matter if you just want a good Internet connection for your household or whether you need a sophisticated IT solution for business: we will always deliver the best possible performance.

Would you like to have your flat or house connected to the unlimited and high speed broadband Internet?

If you live within the working range of our network (see “Coverage map/Mapa pokrytí”) we are ready to offer you our services at the best possible rates. We can often offer high quality broadband connection for less money than other providers, including the major providers in the Czech Republic. Unlike them, we can also offer more personal approach towards our clients and their needs.

We are well aware that foreign clients often demand higher standards than regular users, for that reason we can offer you high ratio of international data transit, which you will appreciate especially when calling, or transferring large amounts of data, to your homeland. It is a matter of course that you can ask for temporary disconnection from our network for the period of up to six months (switch to “holiday mode”), any time and free of charge. For your convenience, there is also no need for permanent contract of any form.

To all our clients we can grant access to the Internet using the most up-to-date wireless technology, delivering the speed up to 1000 Mbit/s. Our network is fully independent of the national landline services, which means that our client is not required to have any previous telecommunication infrastructure installed.

Dear visitor, in case you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment with our technician, who will determine the best solution for your needs. This appointment is of course free of charge and does not bind you to use our services.

Would you like to contact us on the subject of high bandwidth connectivity and data circuits for your company working in the Czech Republic?

Based on multiple contracts, our company has access to the data circuits operating within the entire area of the Czech Republic. Within 24 hours, we are able to suggest a solution based on your individual needs and requirements altogether with excellent customer care services. We have extensive experience with providing IT solutions for small and middle size companies. Our clients are particularly content with above standard quality and reasonable prices.

When requested, we are able to connect through all your individual affiliates, even when the solution requires employing several technologies and backup connections, to offer the highest possible level of SLA.

Our datacenter can provide our clients with hosting services, including setting up all additional configurations and taking care of the maintenance. We are familiar with what ICT standard the international client expects and we are ready to meet these expectations, working, literally, as if we were fully integrated into the structure of your company.

Our company works not only as a provider of telecommunication services, we can also offer building up the infrastructure based on metallic circuits with structured wiring, optical fiber or radio relay links. We are able to take care of all the process of implementing the selected solution, including designing the project, delivery and distribution. Our company is authorized to work with all above mentioned technologies on the professional level by Czech Telecommunication Authority (ČTÚ, Český telekomunikační úřad). Our managers have been certified for conducting projects according to ISO 10006 regulation.

INTERCONNECT s.r.o. is a registered Value Added Tax (VAT) payer. The invoices issued by our company are in accordance with European directive on International Business and they are accepted as valid tax documents in all member countries of the European Union. We accept EUR payments according to the current ČNB exchange rate.

Among our international clients there are especially German and Russian companies dealing with production, business and services. We can present the list of references on your request.